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address:  Fond.ta dei Battuti, 8
Calle Del Fabbro, 122/A - 30100, Murano (Venezia) - Italy
phone: +39.041.736.772
fax: +39.041.736.585
e-mail: glass@davidesalvadore.com


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public exhibitions

Permanent exhibition at the glass museum of the National Glass Foundation in La Granja, Spain.

Exhibition at the "Cerfav" School of Glass in Vannes le Chate (France)

American Craft Museum, New York (USA)

"Gran Crystal Museum", Taipei, Taiwan.



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william Traver Gallery " Sogno Africano"

“Sofa” New York, Wexler gallery

“Sofa” New York 2001 with Barry Friedman Gallery.

Leon Salet Arte, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Grand Crystal Museum for “Contemporary Muranese Glass Art Exhibition”, Taipei, Taiwan.

Gallery Etienne & Van Den Doel in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Sofa Chicago 2001 with Mostly Glass Gallery.

Sofa in Chicago (USA) with the "Mostly Glass Gallery"

Sofa in New York (USA) with the Barry Fridman Gallery

Partecipates in the Kunstrai Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Participations at the "Art Antique" in Dusseldorf (Germany)

Kunst and Antiquitaten-Messe in Hannover-Schloss Herrenhain (Germany)

One-man exhibition at the "Galerie L" in Hamburg (Germany)

Participates in the "Fine Art Fair" in Dusseldorf (Germany)

Participates in the "Fine Art Fair" In Hamburg (Germany)

Museum fuer Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg (Germany)

SOFA in Chicago (USA) with the "Mostly Glass Gallery"

Arte Expo in New York (USA) with the "Mostly Glass

Gallery"Participates in "Millenium Glass", an international exhibition organized at the "Mostly Glass Gallery", New Jersey

Invitation to participate in the Biennale of Contemporary Glass Art "Venezia Aperto Vetro" at the Ducal Palace in Venice

Exhibits a series of works at the Galleria Claudio Gianolla, Venice, Italy

"Abitare il tempo", a trade show in Verona, Italy.