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address:  Fond.ta dei Battuti, 8
Calle Del Fabbro, 122/A - 30100, Murano (Venezia) - Italy
phone: +39.041.736.772
fax: +39.041.736.585
e-mail: glass@davidesalvadore.com


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Davide Salvadore was born in Murano in 1953. Descending from a family of glassworkers, he has always lived and worked on the Venetian island. At very early ages he began following his grandfather Antonio into the furnaces of Murano. From him he learned how to build the kilns, and soon after began to work glass in the furnace of Alfredo Barbini; a short time later he joined the team of glassmaster Loredano Rosin, where he stayed for 4 years.

Subsequently, he alternated collaborations in the Venini and Barovier & Toso glasshouses with work in small craft studios on the island. In 1978 he began producing lamp-worked beads in his mother Anna Mantoan's jewelry studios; this would lead to a series of collaborations with fashion and design houses such as Roberta di Camerino, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Swatch.

In 1987 he founded the studio "Campagnol e Salvadore" which he still manages today with two other partners. Within the studio Davide works as a glassmaster - at the kilns he built himself - mixing lamp-work and furace techniques in new ways. The result were instantly noteworthy, and over time Davide began working for prestigious glasshouses on Murano- Nason & Moretti, Vincenzo Nason, La Murrina as well as for the Istituto d'Arte di Venezia, and collaborating with designers and artists such as andrea Anastasio, Giorgio Vigna, Florys Meydam, Frank Borst, Massimo Nordio.

Davide Salvadore is also a founding member of "Centro Studio Vetro" in Murano, a non-profit Cultural Association founded in 1997 to cultivate and promote - in Italy and abroad - the culture and art of glass.

"Centro Studio Vetro" publishes the International Glass Art Magazine "Vetro", organizes yearly an International Glass Workshop.

teaching experience

Workshop at The Glass Furnace Istambul Turkey

Workshop at Corning Museum "The studio" New York

Performance at Pittsburgh Glass Center

Performance at Pilchuck Glass School Seattle

Workshop at Niijima the 18 international Glass Art Festival

Workshop at Corning Museum “The Studio” New York

Workshop at Pilchuck Glass School Seattle

Workshop at Vetro Ricerca Bolzano Italy

orkshop at Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Workshop at BAGI, San Josè, California.

Performance at San Josè University, California.

Workshop a AXIS GLASS, Columbus, Ohio.

Performance at Ohio University, Columbus.

Workshop at Corning “The Studio”, New York.

Workshop at Urban Glass, Brooklyn, New York.

3rd International Glass Workshop for “Centro Studio Vetro” in San Servolo,Venice, Italy.

Workshop at Vetro Ricerca Bolzano Italy

2nd International Glass Workshop for “Centro Studio Vetro” in San Servolo,Venice, Italy.

Workshop at Urban Glass, Brooklyn, NY.

Workshop at Pittsburgh Glass Center.

1st International Glass Workshop for “Centro Studio Vetro” in San Servolo,Venice, Italy.

Workshop on glass-blowing, Murrina and Filigree techniques in Taipei, Taiwan, at the Grand Crystal Museum.

Workshop at National Glass Foundation at La Granja (Spain)

Workshop at "Cerfav" School of Glass at Vannes Le Chatel (France), presentation at the European Glass Symposium.

Workshop at National Glass Foundation at La Granja (Spain), teaches a course on modem glass.



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professional experience

Visit Artist at The Glass Museum Tacoma

Pesonal Lecture at The Glass Museum Tacoma

Demo The glass Festival in Turkei by The glass Furnace school and Rotary Club Istanbul

Demo during the Glass Festival in Turkey organized by The Glass furnace school and Rotary club, Istanbul

Personal Lecture at the Ohio University, Columbus.

Personal lecture at the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh, for the “Looking into Glass” event.

Lecture about the “Contemporary Muranese Glass Art “ at the Grand Crystal Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.

He founded the studio "Campagnol & Salvadore"

In his mother Anna Mantoan's atelier, he begins a series of collaboration with prestigious fashion and design companies such as Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Roberta di Camerino, Swatch.

Works at Venini, Salviati and La Murrina

Collaborates with Loredano Rosin, in the Master's studio-furnace

Begins work in the furnace of Alfredo Barbin

artistic collaborations

Collaboration with the Dutch artists Florys Meydam and Frank Borst

Collaboration with the artist-designer Massimo Nordio

1996 Collaboration with "Laguna B" and Marie Angliviel de Lebeaumelle Brandolini

Collaboration with the artist-designer Andrea Anastasio

Collaboration with the artist-designer Giorgio Vigna

Collaboration with the designer Carlo Nason of "Vincenzo Nason" on Murano


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